Reframing Anxiety

maart 16 18:30 - april 6 20:30

Anxiety is more common than you think! It is never too late to reduce, manage, and understand your anxiety. Decrease the impact that it has on your daily life. Transform it into something helpful and positive.

Remember, this training is about […]


april 7 19:00 - april 28 21:00

Deadlines, we krijgen er allemaal mee te maken. Dit roept veel emoties bij ons op. Het geeft sommige van ons een onrustig gevoel waar anderen juist hier meer focus door krijgen. Hoe krijg je nu meer inzicht en controle […]

Creative Writing

april 29 18:30 - mei 20 20:30

Everyone has a story, no matter which phase of life you’re currently in: you’ve collected all these bits and pieces of experiences which shape your ideals and morality, your “truth” regarding life, and some retellable tales that would work for […]