SPECIAL! Masterclass: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Faceplants

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We’re born, learn to walk, learn to talk and, if you grow up in the Netherlands, learn to ride a bicycle. From there, some of us explore that bicycle path further and end up with an unhealthy amount of horsepower between their legs. We don’t have the power to choose where we’re born, but we can still choose where we go from there.

During this masterclass, Harm hopes to inspire you to see more options and to go explore them. And he’ll share what he learned about life, the universe and everything while exploring his options through Mongolia and the former Soviet Republics of Central Asia.

In this masterclass you will go home with:

✔️ New interdisciplinairy friends

✔️ Alot more insight on youself and the world around you

✔️ Tools how to be your truest self

✔️ A ticket to Chalk Talk: Resilience in the 21st century!

✔️ A masterclass certificate

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