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During this masterclass we’re going on a journey to find out who we are when we’re around other people, in contrast to who we are when we’re alone.

In order to do so we’ll apply Jean-Paul Sartre’s analysis of intersubjectivity, meaning the psychological relationship between people, among other philosophical theories.

Have you ever experienced the feeling that you’re not quite the same person when you’re with particular people?
Or perhaps you feel like it’s difficult to remain true to yourself in public?

Maybe you’ve sometimes wondered why this occurs, or if others feel the same.

Those are just some of the topics we’ll address during this masterclass.

And maybe along the way we’ll discover how you can be closer to your true self, even when you’re out among other people.

Why don’t you join us, and find out if you can set yourself free!

  • I want to meet new people in an interdisciplinary environment

  • I want to develop myself further

  • I want to be activated

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