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This is an english-spoken masterclass.
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Please note we’re still operating under regulations regarding the quarantine-measurements.
To ensure the participant’s safety, we’ve arranged a location that can suitably accommodate up to 9 participants.

Worries about climate change and human impact on the environment are growing stronger.  Human activities From pollution to overpopulation are driving up the earth’s temperature and fundamentally are changing the world around us. 8 million metric tons of plastic trash enters the sea from land every. Across our ocean plastic trash flows almost everywhere, concentrating in huge swaths in the midst of global currents, breaking  down into smaller and smaller pieces. Ingested by species of the marine world and sinking into the bottom of the sea. The garden of Eden is no more, and we do need to identify faltering systems and take action. 

Today we’re at a tipping point: the 21st century cries out for a new system.

We need to effectively rethink the entire system. It is now the goal to design a new economy where industrial, agricultural and urban waste, like plastic packaging, never becomes waste. And to do this, we need every single player in the game to change the way they do things.

In this module we will co-create practical steps you can take to reduce your ecological footprint. With fun excersizes and well put-together lectures  you will be next-level at your sustainable goals.

Topics that we focus on in this workshop:

  • The SDG’s, the biggest global agenda ever.
  • The allready noticable effects of climate change.
  • New sustainable developments like upcycling, biofuels, veganism, cradle-to-cradle and more.
  • Getting to bottom-up solutions.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced eco-friends.

All workshop gatherings are in the southern side of the Horizon building of the Breda University of Applied Sciences

  • March 5th 17:00 – 19:00 in room Hs0.026
  • March 12th 17:00 – 19:00 in room Hs0.026
  • March 19th 17:00 – 19:00 in room Hs0.026
  • March 26th 17:00 – 19:00 in room Hs0.026
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