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In a postmodern world that is characterised by change and uncertainty, you may experience
pressure of competing and contrasting expectations. In each of your life domains, family,
work/study and online places, you may feel like the world expects you to be competent.
Slogans such as ‘push yourself beyond your limits’ and ‘become the best version of yourself’
are bombarded on us by the media

Who you are, therefore tends to become more and more a question of telling an exciting and
interesting story about yourself. To uphold that story, social validation and confirmation are
key. This is also called ‘comparanoia’: your story needs to be just as exciting as the narratives
of those around you.

In this masterclass we will use design thinking methods in order to reflect on the following
questions: which roles do you have in life? Who do you aim to be at work/in your study life?
Which image are you presenting with your friends? Are you the tennis player, are you the
world traveller, are you the vegan girl, or are you simply your ‘true’ self? How does all of this
relate to stress complaints and to what extent does living according to your true values may
play a key factor in all of this?

The Masterclass will be held from 18:30 to 20:30 on July 2nd

  • I want to meet new people in an interdisciplinary environment

  • I want to develop myself further

  • I want to be activated

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