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Do you remember a time when you were in a situation and you instinctively knew which path to take? Perhaps because you felt an inexplicable sense of danger, or a strong sense of desire from somewhere deep inside?

Or perhaps you never even realised how your decision-making-process works.

Us humans often use our conscious thoughts and previously acquired knowledge to make a well-advised plan of action, but opposite to the rational mind lies your intuition. Intuition is when you feel or know something without conscious reasoning.

Einstein called the intuitive mind a sacred gift.

If you would like to learn to better listen to that inner voice that often knows what’s best for you, even before you do, then this masterclass is the place for you!

This workshop is free for students from Breda University of Applied Science

After graduating in 2015, Renske felt uneasy and insecure. The rapid way of living and the societal expectations made her feel trapped, she felt like she didn’t know who she was anymore. Renske, at that point, decided to take these feelings seriously and started the persuit of who she is and what makes her happy. She has been traveling for almost two years. This journey became the metaphor for her life. This journey has brought her closer to herself. That is where her real journey began. Themes such as inner peace, sense of purpose, (high) sensitivity, self-confidence and personal growth are topics that Renske enjoys working on and she would love to share that with you!

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