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This is an english-spoken, offline masterclass, taking place at Oranjeboomstraat 198, Breda.
You’ll be able to participate by signing up via this form after which you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. After confirming your e-mail adress you’ll be contacted with additional details regarding information about the workshop.

Leadership is a matter of skills and talent but above all else, experience. Tomorrow’s leaders learn from the leaders of today. How are we going to do it differently if we get so many examples of bad leadership? In this masterclass we’re going to focus on the do’s and don’ts of leadership.

Examples which will help us to create our own image of good leadership and our role in the future. We cover what good future leadership might ask of us, but also our challenges and our blind spots. The examples we use will be recognisable for every participant. After all each of us has had to deal with leadership, and we all have our opinions about this subject.

But only recognising the bad and good leadership is not enough. A changing society brings with it new challenges, requiring new ways of leadership. What are the key-aspects of leadership in the near future? And what do we have to focus on?

This masterclass will be given on June 10th from 19:00 until 21:00 via an online environment.

  • I want to meet new people in an interdisciplinary environment

  • I want to develop myself further

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