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Life is a journey, a timeline with peaks and valleys. At the top we feel the best version of ourselves and supported by others.
But once we fall in the dark hole we can be sad, depressed, lonely and scared.
Even in such times there is a way to cope. There are ways to hack your system.

In this module you will analyse the peaks and valleys (high-impact situations) that will give insights about your patterns, personality, mental and physical state.
We won’t focus on what happened at the highs and lows itself. We’ll give you concrete tips and tricks to hack the mind and the body, for increasing performance and focus in these dark valleys.
This means that next time you will reach a high or low you’re better prepared to face, internalise and anticipate on it.

  • November 19 Training 1: Peaks and valleys 
  • November 26 Training 2: Revealing patterns & Hack Your Mind
  • December 3 Training 3: Hack Your Body
  • December 10 Training 4: Special letter to self 

Hack Your Patterns is part of Journey of Life. This is not just a module. It’s a growing community that will organise get-together events even after all the trainings where contenders can share their stories with each other. 

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