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Have you ever stared blindly at a blank page despite feeling the drive to create something?
Or maybe you’ve been brooding on a vague idea, but you can’t quite translate it to a presentable format?
Maybe you’ve managed to do get over the above situations but were struck down by feedback you didn’t anticipate.

Creative Thinking is a method used to help people’s ideas take shape and teach it’s practitioners to generate more ideas rather than using a bare minimum number.
This helps improve the overall quality and minimizes the dissonance between the concept you’re trying to illustrate and the concept taking shape with your viewer.

This workshop dives into the concept of creativity and inspiration, where it comes from, how to engage it, and how to maintain it.
We also look at some creative minds to figure out how creativity influences someone, whilst trying to find the meaning of the creative process.

One lesson every participant knows after finishing the workshop: Everyone has creativity within them, and everyone can improve on it.

  • I want to create a better state of mind for myself

  • I want to be able to communicate my ideas

  • I want to meet likeminded people

  • I want to learn how to be more productive

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