The Ucademy Philosophy

Ucademy is created, because we live in a dynamic and complex world. A world that asks for a new set of skills. Ucademy answers the most important question within education: “What skills does the current student need? The 21 st century student?”. Ucademy doesn’t merely focus on theoretical questions, but offers experience based and interactive learn experiences. Ucademy wants to hand students the right tools so they can discover their talents, improve their skills and discover their personal leadership.

Identity & Leadership

how do you profile yourself? How do you lead a group? What’s the difference between a manager and a leader?

Creativity & authenticity

Who are you and what makes you unique? How do you step outside of a system and create your own system?

Freedom & Society

What is the consequence of your behaviour on the world? What ethical mind frame do you use to make decisions?

Why Ucademy?

Within these domains Ucademy offers a diversity of modules. Ucademy is constantly innovating by creating new modules and keeping these modules up-to- date with new worldly themes and fun experiments we exercise in the classroom. In the understated section our competences are explained. These competences are taught in every module.


We teach you how to think outside the box. You will learn how to invent new functions for resources, find extraordinary solutions and change your thinking on situations.


what is the effect of my behaviour on others? How does my worldview differs from that of someone else?


Our world exists of paradoxes. Are you aware of that? How do we deal with this? How can we change this? Should we even?


To reflect on yourself. How do you act the way you do, and why? How can we improve this? What insights can we share with each other? Dare to be critical toward yourself and get to know yourself better.


Instead of being told about a topic, we will let you experience a topic. You will be placed on different sides of a situation and feel the effect.