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Ucademy offers workshops that provide people with a skill set that they need in an ever-changing and dynamic world. Here we seek answers to the question:
What does 21st century student need?

What is Ucademy?

Ucademy is a facility and coaching agency focused on helping students built Bildung. We teach students how to be an adequate, empathic and self-aware citizen with attention for others and their environment. You have to learn a lot to become this self-aware citizen, and that is why the Ucademy program is constantly innovating. We offer this program in short modules. These modules are not only distinctive in content – but also in form. Our workshops are a bit unorthodox and very adventurous. In an interdisciplinary group we start working on ourselves. We like to roll up our sleeves to make this world a better, more sustainable and more beautiful place together with you.

What others think about Ucademy? You can check broadcasts and publications by NOS, de Volkskrant and NRC.


Ucademy’s workshops are developed and given by young talent. Our team works together to facilitate a creative and fun learning environment for anyone who is motivated to further develop themselves.

  • Also for international students – We facilitate both Dutch and English workshops.

  • Free registration – Participating a workshop is free!

  • You’ll receive certificates for your resume – At the end of each workshop a certificate is awarded when you succeed, great for LinkedIn for example!

Our values

Ucademy wants to give students the tools that they need to help them discover their talents, improve skills and reflect on their own person and growth.

That is why we focus on Bildung and six interdisciplinary students started an education revolution. Meanwhile, the Bildung movement has grown into a national initiative and we are working together with schools and companies to further contribute to this growth.

At Ucademy students are coached and facilitated to design their own Bildung education. Ucademiers guide this design process in the right direction and facilitate students in the field of inspiration, instrumentation and operationalization. The student determines what the learning objective is, and how he / she would like to achieve the learninggoal.





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